Candidates Announce for CRDC's January 2020 Elections

Below please find a list of current nominees in alphabetical order. If you would like to run for an office or for Member-at-Large, (or if you would like to nominate someone else) please submit your nomination to our Recording Secretary, Willa Hahn, at [email protected] and [email protected]

*updated January 7, 2020

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CRDC Sends Letter to Cuomo Urging Him to Sign Bill Extending Deadline for Voters to Change Parties

The next week, the Governor signed the bill into law, extending the deadline for voters to choose their party registration from October 11, 2019 to February 14, 2020. CRDC's letter to the Governor received coverage in multiple news outlets. 

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NYC Charter Changes: Deciphering the Small Print of Very Large Issues


Chelsea Community News

In the upcoming November 5 general election, New York City voters will be asked to vote “Yes” or “No” to 19 proposals in amending the NYC Charter.

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Harnessing in the Beast Called the MTA

For half a century the MTA has periodically rolled out a seventeen member board —like a Swiss Cuckoo Clock —all chirping for fare hikes and then abruptly disappearing for a few years. And while the cuckoo clock got fatter and fatter, transit infrastructure continued to age and services continued to declined. Albert Einstein, a NYC commuter during the Manhattan Project, famously said, "Insanity ... Read more

The Siege of DeVos at Cipriani

One of President Trump's most dangerous appointees to the United States Cabinet is Secretary of Education Elisabeth Dee DeVos. Not only a strong supporter for school choice, school voucher programs, and charter schools, DeVos has been making sweeping budget cuts -all regressive values and actions that are ripping apart the fabric of what the public school system represents. Every child in Ameri... Read more


A few weekends ago I found myself freezing, on a snowy, early Saturday morning at Brooklyn College. Why might you ask? Well to put it simply, tis the season! The Presidential race for 2020 has taken off, and by now you just might already have picked your candidate, or not. There are so many people in this field that making a decision might be quite difficult. As a teacher, I fully stand behind ... Read more