CRDC's petitioning is still going strong

Dear CRDC friends, neighbors and allies, 
Are you available to petition this week or next weekend?  Lets exercise our civic duty, and keep democracy going!
We have less than two weeks left to petition and get our club endorsed candidates on the ballot.
Still Needing to collect hundreds of signatures for Erik Bottcher, Layla Law-Gisiko, David Warren, Dana Catanzaro, Andrea Krugman and our judicial delegates need our help too!.
 petitioning 2023   petitioning 2023 too
Come out and join us!  Meet some new neighbors, and some old, and connect with new friends.  You'll learn a lot about where we all live and all the interesting people who live here, just by talking to them on the streets.  
We have collected a lot of signatures, but we still need more.  I have learned a lot about what people want, what they don't want, and even taught some people about the process of petitioning.  What a great feeling!